It is the calling of Gospel Life Community Church to become a missional church.  In other words, our main priority is to make disciples by reaching the nations for Christ.  We seek to accomplish this by praying, sending, going, and giving.  Mission Vision is a strategy to become more intentional with our monetary gifts to Great Commission projects.  So how does it work?

Individuals who would like to participate in Mission Vision can choose to give a designated amount of money, up and above that of their regular offering, in envelopes specifically labeled Mission Vision.  Those funds will be divided up between four different mission projects that Gospel Life Community Church participates in.  Those projects are:

1. The Cooperative Program

2.  Annie Armstrong

3. Lottie Moon

4. The Macedonia Project

By contributing to Mission Vision, participants can be sure that they are taking place in Great Commission ministry both at home and abroad for the glory of Christ.